Girl unsure dating

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Girl unsure dating

Callie and Brett are suspicious of each other, each believing the other one snitched on Tinsley and is therefore untrustworthy.

Frustrated, Callie leaves the room to go to the bathroom and while she is gone, Easy and Jenny talk. Realizing she would get punished and possibly expelled for having Easy in her room, Callie lies and convinces Mr. Callie then begs Jenny to go along with the ruse but Jenny is still unsure, despite her attraction to Easy.Afterwards, Jenny simply walks him to his dorm and leaves him but the next day, Heath brags about how hot and heavy he and Jenny got in the chapel.Embarrassed, Jenny leaves dinner early to go back to her room.Easy is surprised at his attraction to Jenny but their conversation is interrupted by the dorm supervisor's husband, Mr. Pardee that Easy was in fact, visiting Jenny and not her. Easy and Jenny are each called in separately to meet with their student advisor, Eric Dalton.Jenny chooses not to make any comment about the incident, not wanting to get in trouble but not wanting to get Callie in trouble either. Dalton decides the matter will be resolved in a disciplinary hearing.

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Eager to fix her problem with Easy, Callie becomes convinced sex will make Easy love her and invites him to her room, unaware of Jenny trying to sleep.

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