Dating wedgwood peter rabbit

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Dating wedgwood peter rabbit

The convergence of roads on the north-west, southwest and east sides of the town and the pattern of property boundaries suggest that the medieval town may have had a hard boundary, perhaps an earth bank pierced with gates. 24) was presumably a road leading to Dieulacres abbey in the Middle Ages.

The present article deals with the former township, but for certain topics it also includes that part of the former Tittesworth township which has become a north-eastern suburb of Leek town. (191 m.) from which steep slopes run down to the Churnet on the north, west, and south.

It contained an ornamented plaster ceiling with a representation of the triumph of death, now preserved at the School of Art. 40) and of the former Black's Head at the south end of the market place (fn. There was settlement on Leek moor east of the town by the 1630s. 59) During the Civil War Leek, like the Moorlands generally, was strongly parliamentarian.

41) suggests that the use of timber could be for display. A royalist force came into the Leek area in November 1642 but was driven away. 60) In February 1643 a band of Moorlanders mounted an unsuccessful attack on Stafford.

At the rear is another timber-framed building, originally detached, which has a large fireplace and may have been a kitchen. The earliest known inn is the Swan, in existence by the 1560s. 48) It may not, however, be identifiable with the present Swan on the corner of St.

In the 17th century the front of the house was reconstructed in stone and a timber staircase turret and an attic floor were added. 7 Stockwell Street, where despite an 18th-century brick façade a stone gable is visible. Edward Street was formerly Spout Street, a name in use by 1637; the present name was adopted in 1866. Edward Street and Mill Street, which existed as the Green Dragon by 1693 and was still so called in 1750.

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Stone, however, had become the normal building material by the late 17th century. They appealed to the parliamentary commanders in Cheshire and Derbyshire for assistance but received only an offer of a few men to be sent to Leek to help with training. 61) By May a parliamentary garrison had been established at Leek, and its commander, Lt.-Col. John Bowyer of Knypersley in Biddulph was appointed governor of Leek. 65) When he took the garrison to help in the attack on Shrewsbury in February 1645, townships in Totmonslow hundred were ordered to send armed watchmen to guard Leek. 66) Arrangements were still being made in September 1647 for quartering troops in the Leek area. 67) Although Samuel Johnson, visiting Leek in 1777, pronounced it 'a poor town', (fn.

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