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We are talking about her, because she, and grief, pop up a bit in U2's brilliant new album Songs of Innocence, along...Allison Bray Even glossy, half-page newspaper advertisements and a slick video featuring dramatic aerial shots and stunning sunsets over Killiney Bay have failed to lure buyers for what was the most expensive...Rupert Neate Bono has fronted a band and causes that have endeared him to millions.But the U2 frontman is likely to alienate more people than he wins over with his latest rallying cry: backing Ireland's...But what does this mean for the music industry and for any young artists trying to...Ed Power U2's latest album, Songs Of Innocence, may be their most personal yet.

Especially if you dreamed of emulating your famous father and making your name in show business.They need to consolidate, to remind us of their unique selling point.This is why Bono still fits the odd U2 record in around being our personal Jesus the rest of the time.In fact, if you are one of the 800 million or so people who use i Tunes, you were probably affected.Richard Curran It has been described as a debacle by some, and a whole new revenue model for the music industry by others.

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But Eve Hewson - the 23-year-old actress and second child of Bono - has done an astonishingly good job of stepping outside...

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