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The Doctor seemed puzzled as he looked at his friend.Then he realized what he had forgotten to tell Paul. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author. Your heart is sound, cholesterol level excellent, and your prostate checks out fine too." Dr. Paul thanked him and continued dressing while he looked expectantly at his friend and physician of several years. Paul Carson removed his examination gown and began to dress as he listened to his Doctor telling him about his lab tests. You are in good health and you should have lots of good years ahead of you.

He lost his wife to Alzheimer's disease about five years ago and had become a bit of a loner.

A lot of men and women our age have bi experiences now and think nothing of it.

You had fun and I'll bet it was good for you to let your hair down and party a little." Dr, Joe counseled his friend.

Paul told Joe and his staff goodbye and left the doctors office feeling good about his health, but he still had his urges. He drove home and quickly changed into very casual wear and decided to stay in tonight and watch some TV, have dinner and then go to bed.

He would have a full day at the office tomorrow and would probably stay late to work out the details of several contracts he was involved with.

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