50 55 age dating man personals

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50 55 age dating man personals

We know what is of value and realize it isn't always the dollar or the shiney car. From the number of rather desperate men over the age of 50 who have contacted me, I would say that the choice of many men are very limited.

Most in the 55-ish range also know how to box up the baggage, we know what we want from a partner and what we are prepared to give, which is usually ALL of ourselves. We know what a great relationship SHOULD be: we should be each other's biggest fans and always have each other's backs. So, yup, that's what I want - a 55-ish dide and I will cherish him with all my heart. Of course, most of those men are unrealistic in their choice of women: they want hot, sexy, good-looking women but they lack those same characteristics.

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I was posing this as a question, I believe it is correct but am open to others proving it is not correct.seems too young still.......

I'd say by age 65 they would start to outnumber men, altough maybe not on dating sites as many women have been married 40 plus years by this point and now widowed or divorced and no intention of getting involved with another man.

I think the biggest thing is that the longer we are single the more used we are to being single (men and women).We would almost and look for reason why this person or that person is not good enough so we can stay single and not rock the boat. If you think in a logical way there isn't realy any reason to be in a relationship.On the emotional level we all do want to meet our counterpart.Statically you can prove there are more women at the age of 55 and older looking for someone by using the search feature on Po F.Logically there should me more women than men since women live about 7-10 years longer than men, and typically men are already 2-3 years older than a woman when they do get married.

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So divorced men are already 2-3 years older than divorced women.

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